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Roo Systems ECU Remap For Toyota LandCruiser

Published on April 20, 2016 under About Us

We strapped our Toyota Landcruiser onto the dyno with the goal of improving its power and torque. Since the introduction of our Roo Systems ECU remapping service, we decided why not put our money where our mouth is and put it to the test with one of our own wheels?

We've seen the Roo Systems in action with many of our past customers, and replicating its results of up to 35% increase in power and torque would be our ultimate goal.

Without further ado, we drove the vehicle onto the dyno and strapped it up. We gave it 3 runs to make sure the vehicle was nice and warmed up. 


West End Diesel Services' Toyota LandCruiser

We benchmarked our results and pulled up the most accurate run. Our Toyota LandCruiser was fitted with a brand new Legendex 3" exhaust. The LandCruiser baseline dyno report recorded a power output of 129kW and 525Nm of torque at the wheels. 


To reach our goal of a 35% increase in power, we'd need to achieve at least 167.7kW and 708.75Nm at all four. We put our technicians to work and begun the ECU remapping process.

It was important to understand that while power output increase was important, the LandCruiser still had to preserve a good balance of fuel-efficiency. After all, the LandCruiser still had to serve its main purpose of being a business and transportation vehicle.

Once the ECU was successfully remapped, we gave it another 3 more runs on the dyno. We concluded with the following results.


Power Output After Roo Systems ECU Remap


Torque Output After Roo Systems ECU Remap

After 3 runs, we recorded both power and torque at 170.6kW and 617Nm respectively. The power gained via the remap was a success and improved by over 35%, with torque having increased by about 19%. 

Overall, the team were very pleased with the results achieved. With more tweaking and testing, we have no doubt we'd be able to draw even more torque from he LandCruiser. 

If you want to draw the most power and torque from your vehicle, contact the West End Diesel team today and speak to us about our Roo Systems ECU remapping service. Our technicians will walk you through the entire process and make sure get the absolute best out of your 4x4 diesel.

Call us on 1300 WEST END and ask about our Roo Systems today!

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