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Wetherill Park

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Delphi are an Australian automotive systems provider with core service offerings in consumer and industrial manufacturing of diesel parts, electronics and after market parts.

West End Diesel mechanics regularly service and fit Delphi diesel parts. to heavy commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and trucks.

If you are interested in our Delphi diesel application services and fittings, contact our friendly customer service team in Sydney today on 1300 WEST END.

West End Diesel are a licensed diesel service & repair team. We are proud Members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).


West End Diesel Wetherill Park

26 Davis Rd

Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164

(02) 9757 7373

West End Diesel Castle Hill

U6/4 Anella Road

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

(02) 9659 0096