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Wetherill Park

26 Davis Road Wetherill Park NSW 2164
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West End Diesel Services aims to be the most trusted and respected diesel fuel specialist in Australia. The management and team are committed to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction while providing products and services. To demonstrate this commitment we shall:

Establish and review objectives and targets to ensure continual performance;

Meet the agreed requirements of our customers;

Implement and maintain a management system as a framework for attaining our policy, objectives, targets and complying with the international standard ISO9001;

Ensure all team members are aware of and comprehend this policy and understand their responsibility;

Review this policy to ensure relevance and appropriateness in the light of changing customer and business requirements

West End Diesel are a licensed diesel service & repair team. We are proud Members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).


West End Diesel Wetherill Park
26 Davis Rd
Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164
(02) 9757 7373