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Cooling Systems

Published on February 07, 2014 under Diagnostics & Repair

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to have your engine cooling system checked and tested before heading off on your summer holiday journey. The cooling system in your vehicle is critical in ensuring the longevity of your engine. Prevention is inexpensive compared to the cure of possible engine failure.

On a hot day, without a proper operating cooling system, a car will quickly overheat and this can do some expensive damage to your engine.

In the majority of modern day vehicles the coolant system is comprised of liquid cooling. Fluid is circulated through pipes in the engine, as the engine generates heat through kinetic energy the fluid absorbs it and carries it out through the radiator where it is transferred from liquid heat to air as it is blown through the radiator.120613_070704blog-cooling.06.jpg

To make sure that your engine lasts a lifetime and minimal damage is done to the engine with peak performance, regular preventative methods should be completed at regular intervals of your vehicles life span. As time goes on the chemicals inside the fluid of the cooling system tend to degrade, reducing its power as a coolant and its anti-corrosive properties. This can result in overheating or corrosion to the engine.  

With regular services and coolant flushes by a certified technician you will ensure that fresh coolant will replace any degraded fluid. The technician will also flush the radiator with a chemical method which clears any corrosion and build up. They will also inspect the system for any component faults such as leaks or any other potential issues.

It is recommend a coolant check be made every two years of 30, 000 KMs. The coolant system is an essential feature of a car and it is important that it is maintained to guarantee the health of your vehicle.     


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