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Timing Belts

Published on February 10, 2014 under Mechanical & Electronic

What does a timing belt do?

A timing belt is a large rubber, high tensile belt. It synchronizes the crankshaft to the camshaft. It is required so that the valves of the engine open and close at the correct time in relation to the position of the pistons.

Did you know that timing belts have a limited life span?timing_belt.png

A timing belt's life span is calculated by time and mileage, typically you should replace one every 5 years or 100, 000kms depending on what comes first. Failing to monitor and replace a timing belt at regular intervals in your vehicle can cause major damage to the engine system.  

Factors which wear out the timing belt

Along with the obvious factor of the extremely hot environment of your car’s engine system, there are a number of factors which will influence the wear and tear of your timing belt. If you recognize any of these factors influencing your vehicle you should keep close attention to the health of your timing belt.

-          Any oil leakage from surrounding seals that can spill onto and corrode your timing belt.

-          If you live in a climate which is very dry, which causes the belt to become worn and brittle.

-          If you have stored your vehicle away and it is driven infrequently, the belt becomes less elastic and brittle as it becomes set in shape.

Your timing belt needs replacing if

-          You see any noticeable cracks in the rubber.

-          There is excessive looseness in the belt.

-          If the rubber is shredding.

If you suspect your timing belt is causing your engine damage or is due for replacement please contact us on 1300 WEST END and we will book you into our workshop.

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