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Diesel Dyno Tune & ECU Remapping

At West End Diesel, we have highly experienced diesel tuners backed by decades worth of tuning experienced. Our state-of-the-art facilities can simulate driving conditions within our Wetherill Park or Castle Hill workshop. Accompanied with our sophisticated diagnostic equipment, this allows us to monitor what your engine is doing & isolate the cause of the concern & work out a tuning plan.

Most vehicle owners overlook the importance of a dyno tune and think that a tune will only provide you with more power and torque. However, did you know that a well executed ECU remap or a comprehensive dyno tune will allow the tuner to adjust your vehicle settings in a controlled environment where they will ensure your vehicle is running as optimally as possible with a prolonged lifespan? This could possibly include adjusting fuel and air mixtures to gain the most fuel economy out of your vehicle and as a result save you financially.

Whether your vehicle is suspected of running too rich or too lean, our diesel tuners can help first identify the problem and then work to resolve all issues found. Many diesel owners come to us after having new performance parts installed. A new turbo charger installation is a prime example of requiring a re-tune. Our team will maximise the power potential of the new turbo charger and ensure it is running at optimally while not leaking boost.

If you believe your vehicle is fairly old and parts may be wearing out we can remove and recalibrate your injection pump, refit it & then recheck the results on the dyno.

West End Diesel are proud members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).

Benefits Of A Dyno Tune

One of the most common reasons why diesel owners tune their vehicles is because of performance upgrades. After installing new performance parts, the vehicles ECU will need to be retuned to maximise the effects of the new performance parts.

For example, a majority of our customers are after more power, torque and fuel efficiency for their vehicles. Our diesel tuners will suggest they install the Steinbauer Power Module to get the most out of their vehicle.

Once any power chip is installed, your vehicles factory settings will need to be adjusted to cater to the new system. This is where a retune comes in. By tuning your vehicle’s ECU settings to cater to the new performance upgrades we can maximise the performance of the new parts and ensure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible.

With the Steinbauer Power Module and a comprehensive dyno tune you can expect to experience better fuel economy, greater torque spread, increased power and improved throttle response. When you perform a dyno tune you will also generally receive detailed print outs of your vehicles statistics.

At Westend Diesel, we have state of the art dyno tuning facilities. We are able to monitor your engine and let you know what it is exactly doing and how we can improve its current state.

Bring in your vehicle to the diesel tuning experts at West End Diesel. Contact us or call us to book a dyno tune today.

West End Diesel are a licensed diesel service & repair team. We are proud Members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).


West End Diesel Systems
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