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Every diesel log book service is different depending on the manufacturers specifications.

With a log book service we follow the requirements as per the vehicles WARRANTY SERVICE LOG BOOK and the number of kilometres the vehicle has done. 10k service 20k service 30k service 40 k service, they all have different needs and requirements so we follow what the book says needs to be done. Every service includes an oil and oil filter change, for the most part a fuel filter get changed at 20k, however we would recommend changing the fuel filter or at least inspecting it at every service due to the poor quality diesel fuel we have in Australia.

We offer comprehensive logbook servicing for all diesel vehicles by our expert diesel mechanics in Sydney for both consumer vehicles and heavy vehicles. Some of the truck brands we service include: Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Stanadyne and Zexel.

Why Choose West End for Log Book Servicing

We do not void your statutory manufacturer warranty.

We strictly follows all the procedures recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.

Our technicians only use genuine, high quality parts

We will give your vehicle handbook the stamp of approval for factory warranty.

Our expert technicians at West End Diesel will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance – this is an essential element for getting the maximum out of your vehicle resale value.

Bring your diesel vehicle to the log book servicing experts. Contact us online or call us to book a log book service or discuss your requirements.

West End Diesel are a licensed diesel service & repair team. We are proud Members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).


West End Diesel Systems
26 Davis Rd
Wetherill Park
NSW 2164
(02) 9757 7373