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Does your vehicle lack power uphills or when towing? Does overtaking another vehicle unnerve you? These concerns can be overcome by having West End Diesels team in Sydney fit a turbo charger to your vehicle.

At West End Diesel Services, we supply and install basic to high performance turbo chargers and even more elaborate systems such as a new intercooler & full exhaust system to suit. All upgrades and modifications are done on site with before & after dyno power graphs so you can see visually see power figure improvements as well as physically feel the power difference.

If you feel your diesel vehicle is leaking boost or notice an unusual lack in acceleration power, don’t despair. Our team of diesel tuning specialists can enhance your vehicle’s performance and response by installing a Steinbauer performance module and following up with a comprehensive dyno tune.

Steinbauer performance chips will deliver improved throttle response and smother power delivery that starts earlier in the rev range. This will give you more power where needed – especially when off-roading or driving up-hill.

4WD Action magazines (issue 152) released a power module comparison guide where the Steinbauer power module was voted “BEST MODULE OVERALL”. This was a great achievement and proved that Steinbauer power chips were delivering some of the best power increases in the diesel performance chip market.

As the Steinbauer module does not alter the already high pressure in the vehicle’s common rail system it does not put any additional pressure on the fuel system. Additionally, if you decide to fit a different exhaust system we can then recalibrate your module & dyno check the new results.

Bring your diesel performance to the experts. Contact us online or call us to book a service or discuss how we can improve your diesel power & performance.

West End Diesel are a licensed diesel service & repair team. We are proud Members of the Association of Australian Diesel Specialist (AADS).


West End Diesel Systems
26 Davis Rd
Wetherill Park
NSW 2164
(02) 9757 7373